The Geek Factor Competition Begins

What better way to open up our brand spanking new blog by announcing the start of our Social Game competition?

After sifting through countless applications and months of planning, the Geek Factor competition finally began! Two teams of budding video game designers are now battling it out for the next five weeks for social game supremacy as they build a game for weForest, a non-profit organisation dedicated to reforest 20 million square kilometers of Earth. To see more info about the weForest game project, visit our project page

Today we met the teams, they picked their names so without further ado, here’s the teams!

Chocolate – Hoping to smoothly slip their way into first place, the guys are already working away on concepts sure to entertain and delight the judges! Watch this space for some slick artwork and smooth gameplay soon!

From left to right – Mark Thompson, Emmanuel Manhiri, Shaun Logan and Simeon Thompson

So who could possibly take on Chocolate for Social Game domination, surely Chocolate have this competition wrapped up? Think again…

Children Of The 80’s: Hot on Chocolates heels, the team have jumped right into their research and concepting phase, ensuring a gripping fight to the finish…

From left to right – Paul Chipperfield, Daniel Andrews, Natasha Roberts, Christopher Dean and Jahangir Ali

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we move from the concept stage right through to delivery. See the beginnings of the next big social game right here as we take a look at the nuts and bolts of game development and making a real impact using the power of video games. What more could you ask for really?

Check back on monday as we get to know the teams a little better and take a look at some initial ideas…

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1 Response to The Geek Factor Competition Begins

  1. Dan Davies says:

    Fantastic to see the two teams have been selected. Best of luck to both ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Children of the 80s’ from the Graduate Advantage team. We’ll be sure to keep watching as the ideas develop.

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