The Kids aren’t Alright with ICT – According to Royal Society study

Young people today are more engaged with technology than ever before. Most parents with teenage children will agree that their kids spend a large proportion of their time glued to computer or TV screens. Whilst many parents are left bewildered by the rapid development of technology, their tech-savvy kids seem to have an intuitive grasp. So, it may come as a surprise that whilst young people are spending hours on social networking sites and games consoles, very few of them are engaged by ICT classes in schools.

According to a study by the Royal Society, the number of pupils in England doing ICT GCSE has decreased by 33% over only 3 years. There was also a 33% fall in the number of pupils doing ICT at A-Level. The implications are bad news for the UK, meaning that we are failing to engage a generation of school kids and leaving them unskilled and ill-equipped for the future job market.

Unfortunately, ICT lessons in schools tend to be dull and outdated and so young people are being ‘turned off’ studying the subject and pursuing a career in ICT. The Royal Society is conducting research in association with 24 other organisations, into how this can be turned around.

One thing is for certain, young people need to be inspired and motivated by ICT and computer science lessons. Schools will have to think outside the box to get kids thinking about not what computers can do for them, but what they can do for computers.

How do you think young people can be encouraged to study ICT? What are your experiences of ICT lessons at school? Let us know!

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