Why your mum is playing Farmville

I have some news for you, either it will come as a complete surprise or confirm your suspicions. Your Mum plays Farmville. Ok, ok, I don’t know your Mum and I can’t say for definite anything about her social gaming habits, but according to a recent study by PopCap Social Gaming the majority of social gamers are middle aged women.

Women are the most avid social gamers, with 58 percent of women from the UK admitting that they dabble in social gaming. The overall average age of social game players was 43 years old, with 46 percent of social gamers being at least 50 years old. Not only that, but 63 percent of social gamers are also parents, with their kids either living at home or having flown the nest. All this makes the likelihood of your Mum being hooked on a social game such as Farmville all the more likely.

If your mum has a full time job then the chances that she plays social games increases even further, as 41 percent of social gamers are in full-time employment. We’re not saying she isn’t busy juggling work and family life, but that social games offer the perfect gaming experience for people with hectic lives. Social games allow players to perform quick, small tasks such as planting crops and then returning later to harvest them at a time that suits them. Work days are often jam packed, but there are still a spare few minutes between meetings and lunch breaks when workers can play their favourite social game.

But beware, you may need to guard your Xbox from your mum from now on, as the study also says that 73 percent of social gamers also play other video games including casual and hardcore games.

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